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Bedroom Revamp With Frugal Finesse

Our new principal bedroom is structurally beautiful. It’s big and it has a bank of windows that lets in ample amounts of natural light. It’s a soft white. I have always wanted a white bedroom, and it’s the only room in the house I didn’t paint (aside from those rooms we plan to renovate). Being in a new house I was really hankering to change up our bedroom, and I thought a little bedroom revamp was in order. Of course, having just moved and fully maxed out our moving-in budget on painting, I was hard pressed to accomplish my goal without spending any money.

Bedroom revamp makes old things new again.

I did this bedroom revamp before the frugal month challenge that I am participating in right now, but I want to bring it up because I employed tactics that allowed me to refresh our bedroom for our new space without really spending. I won’t lie, I did fill up my online shopping cart at West Elm and seriously considered dumping half my new paycheque, but sense took hold.

The only new purchases in the bedroom revamp, which is a good deal larger than our previous bedroom with the hideous green walls, are the lamps. In all honesty our bedside lamps did not need replacing, but I had been eyeing these ones for a couple months and they came on sale. I knew I could put my old lamps to good use in our spare bedroom, which was lacking illumination, so I went ahead.

Different flooring and window trim not withstanding, I really do put this style transformation down to paint colour and accessories. How did I go from one to the other by only purchasing lamps? I know it can sound a little impossible at first glance, but the only trick here is that I shopped my house of course! I’ve talked about shopping your house before and I bring it up again because it is so useful and frugal to do. I love blues and thought they would pair well with the neutral walls and dark furniture of our bedroom set, but the reason I went with blue was I had a plethora of blue already at my disposal. Our previous home featured a beautiful navy accent wall in our open concept kitchen, and I had lots of blue decor to go with it that no longer made sense in our new living room because I no longer have a navy blue accent wall. Sad Face. Waste not, want not.

Everything in this bedroom was scavenged from somewhere else in my home, some of the items had even been collecting dust in cupboards or storage for years. I snagged the quirky palm tree for free from an old neighbour, as it had outgrown her home’s 8 ft. ceilings, but otherwise I already owned everything except the aforementioned lamps.

Bedroom revamp makes old things new again.

At our old house our bedroom furniture was starting to feel tired, but infused with fresh style it’s received a renewed lease on life. SO and I always try to be very sensible with furniture purchases. We buy items that are well-built (usually in North America), with solid woods, durable textiles like real leather, and with simple clean lines and neutral colours than can stand the test of time and changing styles.

I am really pleased with the bedroom revamp. It’s simple, not overstated, easy to keep clean, and I didn’t spend much money to get from A to B.

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