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Seriously Considering This Look

Good morning, and yes I woke up like this hahahahahahah (k, maybe haven’t had enough sleep). I didn’t have anything planned for today, but I rolled out of bed and was treated to a post in a blogger Facebook group mocking an article, which was critically examining the new blog of Katherine Heigl (called These Heavenly Days [yes, barf.]). And, I simply couldn’t go on with my day without addressing the issue at hand:

“I’ve looked through hundreds of blogs just like this over the last 10 years (because although we think of blogging as “new”, we are just getting older), and many of them have a remarkably similar aesthetic (a pretty woman on a swing, in a white lace dress and Hunter boots, fresh cut flowers, mason jars of jam), and focus on home/hearth/harvest. I don’t doubt that Katherine knits and has an organic garden, but in the lifestyle realm of 2016, that is pretty basic.”

This is a quote from the article, and they (blogger group gals) thought it was so stupid it was funny, and I was nauseated by the fact they couldn’t even see the irony in their reactions. They are entitled to that, but I mean can we at least acknowledge how ridiculous we are being in the process? Otherwise, that’s just really, really, really bad. Like a 50’s housewife sitcom. Now, I don’t share many pictures of myself, but I took a long hard look at my blog and facepalmed. I wrote a post about authenticity and staged living not so long ago and I started to wonder if I was living up to my own words. The answer was obviously no, and well maybe that’s fine for others but I really don’t want you guys thinking I spend my life sitting pretty on a swing in a billowing white dress. So, my answer is to share an authentic selfie. There is nothing about these pictures I like.




I am seriously considering going to MOPS like this today, and if you know what MOPS is you can maybe see the humour and irony in that. If you are asking what all this has to do with interior design, the answer is absolutely nothing and if you have a problem with that you know where the ‘x’ is. Oh, and BTW Katherine Heigl’s blog looks half ok, so no, I am not demeaning it.

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