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Prickly Love: How To Embrace The Cactus Trend

I’m busy. So are you. Plants equal work. The cactus is your friend. The cactus is a dream plant. Just a little attention, and even less water, that’s all it needs. The cactus know that life is hard and doesn’t want to make it harder for you. Love the cactus. Love the cactus trend.

cactus wallpaper

Some trends just pop out at me. Matte black, bleached woods, cacti. Sometimes I see these things and I just know they are going somewhere. When I saw pineapples I just kept flipping, I could tell they were going to be a short lived blip. But the cactus trend… it’s got me hook, line, and sinker.

Long a staple of desert life, the cactus has been given a new lease with the revitalization of midcentury décor; southwestern modern style has been raging for a while and its brought the cactus along for the ride. Actual cacti have been glorying in the spotlight for a couple years, but representations of cacti are a little more fresh. I first saw it in a nursery. Then I saw it in watercolour. Then I saw it on a pillow—that’s when I knew. Once something is on a pillow its been thoroughly merchandised. Just wait, before you know it home décor stores will be rife with a selection of faux cacti ripe for the picking. In fact, it’s already starting. I am pretty certain I spotted a cactus in a snow globe just the other day (that’s not a bad joke).

13 Ways To Embrace The Cactus Trend

1. Get An Actual Cactus

There’s no better way to say “I Love Cacti” then to actually take care of one.


2. Make Yourself A Fake Cactus

But, if you can barely keep yourself alive a DIY paper cactus might be the way to go.

DIY cactus plants, amazing cactus trends in home decor

The Crafted Sparrow’s DIY Cactus Plants

3. Cactify Your Baby’s Nursery

Cactus wallpaper makes a beautiful statement in a south-western modern nursery.

Cactus wallpaper southwestern nursery

A New Wall Decor’s Cactus Wallpaper

4. Add A Cactus Mosaic To Your Garden

You could put a cactus mosaic anywhere, but I think a garden pathway is an obvious place!

Alice Hu Photographs cactus mosaic on instagram, cactus trends home decor

Photographer Alice Hu & A Cactus Mosaic

5. You Can’t Go Wrong With A Cactus Shaped Pillow

Especially one that has fibre needles.

DIY cactus pillow, cactus decor trends

Luzia Pimpinella’s DIY Cactus Pillow

6. Design A Minimalist Accent Wall With Cactus Decals

These easy peel-off wall decals in a minimalist modern cactus design are a prickly twist on the cross decal trend.

cactus wall decal, the crux design, how to embrace the cactus trend

The Lovely Wall’s Cactus Decals

7. Use Cactus Tape On Everything

Why tape stuff together with clear sellotape when you can use cactus tape?

8. Spike Up Your Staircase With Cactus Wallpaper

Ah, cactus wallpaper, at it again. This colourful splash of dessert vibrancy really amps up a Scandinavian inspired white space.

9. Decorate Your Deck With Cactus Cushions

These adorable cactus pillows in a durable outdoor fabric would make a great kid-friendly addition to your living room sofa, or patio table set.

Cactus Print toss cushion for southwestern modern style patio

Cactus Print Patio Cushion

10. Ink Up Some Cactus Art

This simple cactus print has a quirky minimalist look.

Fun cactus printable cactus trend home decor

The Ginger Llama’s Hello Cactus Printable

11. Ride The Marquee Train

Nothing better than a cactus, except one that illuminates your office.

Cactus marquee light sign, cactus trends in home decor

Jaclyn Johnson from Create & Cultivate

12. Turn A Serving Tray Into An Indoor Succulent Garden

This vintage TV tray turned console table makes a great home for some adorable succulents.


13. Sleep With A Cactus Bedspread

Because you desperately want to be cuddled by a prickly pear, right?

cactus bedding, cactus bedspread, cactus trends in home decor

Home Republic’s Cactus Bedding


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    I never realized how lovely cacti can be until now. I love how you have given other options besides the living, hazardous prickly version! The bed spread is my favourite!
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