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7 Steps To A Romantic Bedroom + Sexy Décor Ideas

I know we all have a love-hate with V-Day, let’s not dwell there. Valentine’s means a lot of things—you know greeting cards and whatever—but what’s on my radar today is sex. Sexy home décor, now that’s a phrase I never thought I’d utter. I’m going to explore some ways you can transform your own bedroom into a sexy and romantic retreat. I’m prepped, I’m ready, I even read that infamous MyDomaine candid interview on what men don’t find sexy in a bedroom’s décor. Romantic bedroom here we come.


Think about how much a room’s design plays into it’s atmosphere. Usually when people design a bedroom retreat they are thinking about creating a space that whispers “calm” or “serene”; a place that lulls them to sleep. For real though, wouldn’t you rather have a romantic bedroom that is whispering “hot sex” instead? If you don’t want your bedroom to be subconsciously conversing with your sex drive this is the moment to keep jetting. So, without further adieu, here are 7 ways to transform your bedroom into a romantic sextination (someone take away my urban dictionary, please!).

7 Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

1. Hang Erotic Art

If you are moderate with your nude and erotic art, and select quality pieces, it can be a very stylish. It also gives off the impression that you aren’t uptight. A romantic bedroom is a great place to hang erotic art because it’s out of sight, out of mind, in case your grandma pops by. These watercolours by Victoria Verbaan are alluring, but bold, while the minimalist ink sketches by Estonian artist Siret Roots are an understated option that would mesh easily with existing décor.


Watercolours by Victoria Verbaan


Ink Sketches by Siret Roots

2. Get A Faux-Fur Throw

I love faux-fur throws. They feel soft and look elegant, will keep you warm and cosy while you cuddle, can be tossed on the floor for an impromptu bed, and are just generally nice to look at. Real fur is such a hot-topic cultural issue that it’s not worth inserting into your pillow talk, so definitely go with faux.


Faux Fur Throw Blanket / Urban Outfitters

3. Invest In A Four-Poster Bed

If I need to tell you why you should have a four-poster bed, you don’t need a four-poster bed; this isn’t a sex-workshop, it’s a design blog.


Interior by Aleks K. Designs

4. Hang A Canopy

Canopies have a sense of privacy and mystique, which will play into your romantic bedroom atmosphere. Imagine drawing the curtains and shutting out the exterior world, so that your own world is narrowed down to nothing but the sheets and the person you are sharing them with. Canopies can be hung with just some hardware, so no need to invest in expensive furniture.

62cba1bb8f2cd9e030c6cd05d6516ec8_hd (1)

Interior by Rick Joy Architects, Photography by Joe Fletcher

5. Gilt Your Room With Mirror(s)

While mirrors on a ceiling are definitely too ostentatious and presupposing for the bedroom—or anywhere for that matter—a few tasteful mirrors on a wall are an elegant and romantic fixture that can amp up your bedroom romps, while side-lining as a room enlarging feature .


Interior by Alex Papachristidis, Photography by Simon Upton

6. Add Some Light

Some people like having sex in the pitch black… I think? I don’t know. But, regular ceiling lighting is too harsh, too in-your-face. Make sure you address lighting if you want to create a romantic bedroom. Whether that means a dimmer switch, muted wall sconces/deep drop pendants, or something more whimsical like twinkle lights, is up to you.


7. Turn On The Tunes

In my mind no sexy bedroom is complete without an understated, but adequate, sound system. Nothing sets the mood better than music, so make sure you make room for a speaker system. I would recommend some of the cordless blue-tooth products on the market today (we have the Sony SRS-X5 and it packs a hell of a punch) for easy hideaway functionality, and make sure you have your strip-tease playlist set and ready to go.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and I hope you enjoyed this round-up on how to create a sexy bedroom. Infusing your home décor with a little romance isn’t hard at all, and comes down more to attitude than any specific design style. I hope you learned a thing or two about how to give yourself and your lover a romantic bedroom space. Have a great weekend.

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  • Reply The Mama Nurse

    I love this. Our bedroom has become a catch all because we never have time with the kids. I hope we can renovate soon and will keep these ideas in mind ;). Great post- I particularly enjoyed reading the four poster bed section! Lol

    February 12, 2016 at 4:40 pm
    • Reply Jenn Schleich

      Thanks Tori! I’m glad you enjoyed, and even if you aren’t making over your bedroom any time soon I would still get all that “catch all” junk out because your bedroom should be clutter free for good sleeping.

      February 14, 2016 at 12:41 pm

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