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Glam Bathroom Ideas

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone made it through 2015 with minimal scratches and is inspired for the new year to begin. If you made it through with major scratches, at least you’ve got great inspiration fodder to write a book or make some edgy art.

I thought a great first post for 2016 would be to touch on the glitz and glam of the holidays. My other half wants to update our powder room. It’s teeny tiny, super small, crazy cramped—you get the idea. He said, get thinking, get planning, get ready! Well, get ready and go are practically the same thing to me so my brain is just a whirl with ideas. It’s a natural progression for us to move on to the powder room, as we are wrapping up a major main floor reno (more on that to come pronto [because it’s so freaking exciting] so watch out). It might seem to be natural, but I’m unnaturally tired from having our primary living area stripped back to the studs. Plus, dust. Right?


In case you didn’t figure it out based on the shiplap, that amazing pendant is from Magnolia Market. I love the influx of industrial lighting. Clockwise top to centre: (1),(2),(3),(4),(5),(6).

I want the powder room to pop out, be a tiny jewel of gleaming gloss, interspersed with a little vintage and matte texture. What I’m really stoked about is the floor. Because its such a tiny room a mosaic tile is a must—anything larger will look, without trying to be too dramatic, absolutely ridiculous.

What I love about tiny spaces is that you can pick more dramatic and expensive finishings than you might in a larger room, simply for the fact that there is less of it. For example, we were able to do a walnut kitchen because it was a galley style (hurrah!).

This is just one inspiration collage. I’m also considering things like marble-look or white herringbone mosaic floor, a black metal vanity, a white floating vanity, wood-look tiled wall, etc. I mean, really I could go on all day. In fact, the more I write even now the more I am drawn to the idea of a herringbone floor, versus a hexagon which is probably too trendy for my personal sensibilities. New Revenna (the mosaic tile company) has some tile that would just kill it in a small powder room. This is marble, I wouldn’t do a marble floor because it isn’t functional enough for my home and I’ve learned that lesson ad nauseam, but it could be mimicked with ceramic.

Calacatta Radiance Chevron mosaic

Chevron, a handmade mosaic shown in polished Calacatta Radiance, is part of The Studio Line of Ready to Ship mosaics by New Revenna.



This is a herringbone pattern of a similar tile – Calacatta Tia.

One of the only elements I am truly settled on is scoring an amazing hunk of granite or marble from the remnant heap to have cut into a stunning vanity backsplash. That little gem of inspiration was inspired by designer Lori Henle. You’ll be the first to know when I make some decisions. Oh… here it is now in case you were curious. Please don’t respond to tell me how terrible and dire the situation is, I already know.




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