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If Drapery And Shutters Had A Love Child

I have a friend. Don’t all good stories start with that?

She is a fanatic for country-rustic meets vintage-chic décor. It truly suits her too. She just has the personality for it. She also has the homes for it. Her husband is a farmer and they’ve moved from one little country dwelling to the next. I talked a while back about whimsy and how much I appreciate it in décor. The whimsical and the rustic/vintage really go together for me, so I also adore the look. What really speaks to me about this genre of design is how raw and primitive it can be. It feels more real, the textures are more palpable, the colours harken to something both known and unknown, and often it is comprised of a lot of woods and natural materials (I LOVE wood). Everything about it is pleasing to the eye.


What that brings us to is the booming, dare we say fad, of the barn door. Now, I don’t see rustic style in itself as a fad, though its popularity has obviously sky rocketed. Rustic, vintage, country, these are just aesthetics and some people will be drawn to them while others won’t be—no different than mid-century modern, industrial, contemporary, traditional, Scandinavian, Hollywood glam, etcetera. But there’s something about the barn door that has hooked people, and even those who don’t necessarily appreciate rustic or vintage style have sought to erect a barn door in their home in one way or another, sometimes with a sleek contemporary or even an amazing 70s spin (think fabric sliding door).

Let’s get back to Virginia (she even has a vintage-chic name!). She’s been holding on to the hardware for her barn door for too long now, hoping that her husband would finally have the time to a) salvage a legit barn door from a neighbour and b) hang it up between planting and harvesting. It did not happen. Now they’ve moved, and guess what, there is no space in their new home that would accommodate such a monstrosity of amazingness. Total bummer. It’s okay, don’t start shedding tears; I came across this beauty project from All Things Thrifty

barn door shutters barn door curtains

via All Things Thrifty

She may, or may not, ever follow through with her plans for a barn door. It’s really irrelevant at this point. I like this. I like this a lot more than the barn door. This speaks to me. If drapery and shutters had a love child, this would be it.

Custom drapery is one of those pricey ticket items that can make or break a look… really, really pricey. Potentially up to $5,000 for quality products in a single room with two bay windows. Get my drift? Now, I’m not one to necessarily shirk from a hefty cha-ching, but fabrics come and go with such frequency that it’s a little alarming to consider shelling out that kind of cash for something that might be out of style within five years. With that cost, drapery has the permanence of a backslash tile, without the durability. All in all I’m a little terrified of custom drapery. But, not so terrified of custom wood drapery. Yea, barn door hardware isn’t cheap either, but there is something so much more enduring and visceral about the barn door “drapes”. I’m head over heels.

Image: Flickr/Onnola



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