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DIY Kitchen Scale Dessert Stand

Whimsy is one of my favourite words. If a word can be well designed, which I believe it can be, then whimsy is one of those that would fit the criteria. Even the way it sounds, the way it rolls off the tongue, speaks to its very definition. Whimsical means to be capricious, extravagant, fanciful and odd. Though we can think of capriciousness in negative terms, such as erraticism, it also speaks to the idea of being led by the heart.


What does this have to do with cake stands you are wondering? I may have become slightly deterred from my original point. Let’s segue—the world of vintage design plays host to many whimsical notions. Cake stands seem to burgeon with whimsy, at least in my own mind. I think of fanciful garden parties, long rustic harvest tables loaded with sweet treats on dessert trays, peeling paints, galvanised steels, reclaimed woods and intricate place settings.

We’ve all seen ideas for making your own dessert stands on Pinterest. They involve candle holders, plates and 3M glues, and they are tired and they are not half-way this cool.

When inspiration first struck me I was actually looking up something entirely other on Pinterest—some décor ideas for my kitchen or what not. Wedged into the corner of one picture was an antique kitchen scale on which the interior designer or photographer, or some other wildly intelligent person, had precariously placed a most delicious looking chocolate cupcake.

I was mesmerized and intrigued—of course my mental gears began whirring at a wobbling speed. Not only did I think it would make a great décor item for a kitchen, I thought it could be made quite easily and it could be a whole lot better. Why one cupcake when you could display a whole tray, or a cake, or a pie even. But how? Well it couldn’t be too hard and I do pride myself on this opportunity for my rather ingenious solution to the problem.

Of course this project was written for a great home décor magazine, OUR HOMES, so you best head over there to see the tutorial if you are interested.


By the way, of course I’m not leaving you without a before shot.


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