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Men’s Shirt Makeover


The other day I scavenged some unused shirts from our closet, intent on making myself one of these beauties. The man has more dress shirts then he could wear in a year. Among them was this fabulous purple one that was part of his Mr. Plum Clue costume when we went to Las Vegas for Halloween several years ago. Only worn once. I just swooped in there and *poof*. He’s none the wiser. The shirt doesn’t have to be pretty though. I also grabbed a work shirt, also likely only worn once. That one required a little more creativity – what to do with a big fat logo? Why yoke it of course!

This is one of those instances where I cut into my looming fabric stash and thank god. This particular sheer I salvaged from the clearance bin, and I’ve been holding onto it for abut five years. I kid you not.


See what I mean? Snip snip snip.



If you want to create a yoke there are many sewing websites out there that can teach you how to do it better than I. But if you bother to watch a video or read a tutorial, this is what you could do. Remove those ugly pockets, make those logos disappear, and in their place a beautiful fabric panel. What fun!



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