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Coffee Lovers Rejoice: 16 Ways to Transform Mugs into Décor

Most of us own an over abundance of coffee mugs. Where they all come from, I don’t think we really know. They are part of the kitchenware detritus that seems to accumulate over the years, overcrowding already overcrowded cupboards and taking up valuable storage space. I swear there are mugs in my kitchen cabinets that manifested out of thin air. Even for the avid coffee drinking and tea aficionados, a plethora of mugs is still useless clutter. People seem to gravitate towards their favourite cup, ignoring all others to gather dust. So, what better way to start your Saturday than with some DIY coffee mug crafts.

16 Ways to Upcycle Mugs - DIY coffee mug projects

Now, imagine you could transform that extra stuff into some fun DIY coffee mug projects. The thing I like most about these types of projects is the unique country living vibe they all give off. Just as no two mugs alike no two projects will be alike either. In that vein, its important to throw your own personality into these coffee mug DIY ideas, rather than simply trying to mirror what has already been created.

If you just use your imagination you’ll find these DIY coffee mug projects varry from creative displays to decorative features in your home. Check out these amazing ideas for re-purposing and displaying your coffee mugs.

Click on the images to go back to the original source. If they have tutorials it’s noted above the photo.

  1. Palette Mug Rack (Tutorial) 16 Ways to Upcycle Mugs - DIY coffee mug projects

  1. Coffee Mug Wall Art 16 Ways to Upcycle Mugs - DIY coffee mug projects

  1. Plywood Mug Hanger

16 Ways to Upcycle Mugs - DIY coffee mug projects

  1. Picture Framed Mugs (Tutorial)

 16 Ways to Upcycle Mugs - DIY coffee mug projects

  1. End of Cabinetry Mug Hanger (Tutorial)

  1. Old Shutter Mug Hanger (Tutorial)


  1. Coffee Mug Wind Chime

Jennifer Rizzo

  1. Mug Vases

Kristen Sweeting

  1. Coffee Cup Dessert Stand

  1.  Odds and Ends Dispenser (Tutorial)

  1. Coffee Cup Herb Garden (Tutorial)

  1. Tea Cup Lamp Base

DIY Mug Lamp Base

  1. Mug Hook Utensil Hanger

Mug Hanger

  1. Coffee Mug Pin Cushions

Mug Pin Cushions

  1. Coffee Mug Clock (Tutorial)

16. Tea Mug Curtain Tie Backs

Mug Curtain Tie Back

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    Love those pin cushions, what a great idea.

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    • Reply PennedByJenn

      I agree! I’m always looking for nifty pin cushion ideas 🙂

      February 26, 2015 at 5:15 pm
  • Reply Sarhn

    Oh my I LOVE THIS POST. I am inspired and have some ideas. Right now I have actual plans for those mugs we don’t ever use. Thankyou!

    February 26, 2015 at 3:46 pm
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    Thankyou, I have now pinned six photos. Two photos are the perfect solution to a challenge I have had. Thankyou 🙂

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