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Rec Room Redecoration

Is it weird to show you around my home? Maybe a little, but I’m really pleased with how everything turned out, so I can’t help myself.

A couple months ago I’d just had enough. I rolled up my sleeves, pushed the furniture into the centre of the room and started browsing through paint swatches. I had a plan. An easy plan.

Sometimes there is a room in your home that isn’t quite done. I think it’s often called the basement,or a portion of. Oh maybe it’s finished, but finished doesn’t always mean finished; you know, not an eyesore kind of finished.


In our house we affectionately called that room the “bowling alley”. Insanely long and narrow, it defies common sense and function. And there was something about those walls. It was definitely the gloss. It was the high-gloss white paint you would expect to find in a bathroom that just pushed our basement over the edge from odd to unbearable.

Eventually I just had to stop asking why and start painting.

A little burlap coloured paint, a pair of grey couches and some white accessories sure does go a long way. The neutrality of it all was so much easier to live with.

What I desperately needed in our house was an area reserved for play that was easily observable, yet separate from our living space so I didn’t feel that the accumulating chaos of toys was encroaching on my sanity. Of course I didn’t predict that having the TV in such close proximity to the play space would lead to a request for “Tee” 500 times a day. Alas, another incursion on my sanity…


The deer skull is a brand new addition. I actually had to reorganize the picture frames (showcasing toddler scribbles and finger painting) to fit it up there. First successful hunting season and now I have a freezer full of venison and this sad little deer mocking me at every turn – but it sure looks nice doesn’t it? I was really impressed with how it turned out; Pearce did a great job!


VintageCornerWelcome to my vintage corner! I acquired a record player last summer and I really wanted a fun place to put it, but didn’t really have a space upstairs. Now I do. I hunted a long time for the stand it’s sitting on; it wasn’t easy to come by. Nor was it in the best condition, but Rust-oleum is a pretty amazing spray paint and now its like new.

The crate is just a plastic milk crate. I painted it a metallic silver after I was inspired by this one from Urban Outfitters that was far, far outside my price range.

The radio is a Northern Electric radio I found in a local antique shop. It also needed TLC…

The chair is my favourite part. My boyfriend found these chairs at the side of the road during college, about 10 years ago. After we moved here I once suggested we bin them; I was repulsed by the lumpy cushions that were possibly from 1975. Foam and fabric later, I’m actually really glad he made me keep them! (Fabric from Ikea).

ToyShelves RockingCow_Art

Meet Mr. Spaghetti Bear. He belonged to me as a child, you probably can’t find him anywhere, sorry. Same with the rocking cow and horse, they are elderly. Fabric bins are Ikea of course.teepee

Do you love the teepee or do you love the teepee? I really thought my munchkin would go crazy for it but he hasn’t – maybe he was just too young at 2-years-old. He’s growing to enjoy it though, so it wasn’t a total waste, and it looks pretty cool, so definitely not a total waste.

If you are looking for info on how I made the teepee I’ve assembled some fly-by-night instructions below.

The Teepee

Crafting this teepee was one of the easiest projects I have ever completed, hands down. It may look intimidating but don’t be fooled. I did a lot of reading, and in the end I made up my own system, because it seemed that almost everyone else had winged it too.


  • 6 1×2 pieces of wood in 8ft. lengths
  • Rope
  • Scrap fabric



  1. Lightly sand your 1x2s to avoid any splinter mishaps with your little ones.
  2. Measure 12 inches from one end on each piece and drill a single hole large enough for your rope to slide through.
  3. Stack the 1x2s, faces touching, and slide the rope through the holes. Tie a knot. Make sure you have a lot of rope left hanging from the knot.
  4. Assemble your teepee structure. To be honest, this part was more art then science. I stood them up and sort of kicked the lTeepee_construction1egs out until I had a good teepee shape. I recommend doing this on a rough surface – I used the concrete driveway – because the legs will slide willy nilly on a slipper floor.
  5. When you have the shape you like, take the length of remaining rope and start wrapping it around and through the ends of the 1x2s to support the shape of your structure.
  6. Cut or tear your fabric into strips and start pinning it onto the frame. I used flat push pins so the little ones couldn’t pry them out

Good luck!


Willow was quite pleased.

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  • Reply Jessica

    The room looks great! I love everything about it! And the chair turned out wonderfully too! Weren’t you talking about reupholstering it in our Mommy group when Oz was just a baby? Seeing this makes me want to put more effort into looking for better and unique decor options for my own home 🙂

    January 8, 2015 at 1:22 pm
    • Reply PennedByJenn

      Ya you are right, shows you how slow I am at getting around to projects! Thanks Jess 🙂

      January 8, 2015 at 2:24 pm

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